5 Areas of Focus in 2014 – Your Social Media

Logo for 5 Areas of Focus in 2014 - Social MediaThere are so many tracks you can take in building a better web and mobile presence for your business, it’s often hard to tell where to begin.

Below are five areas we suggest as the most important for a small business to focus on for 2014. In this piece: Your Social Media.

Improvements in each area will position your business to be more findable, shareable, and profitable. This is a short summary of each of the five areas we believe to be most important of your attention as it pertains to your social media plans.

5 Areas of Focus in Building a Better Business Presence
Your Social Media in 2014

1. Create Value on Purpose: If you know your intended audience, probably your customers and prospects, then you should know what they value. Almost all your status updates, tweets, pins, and shares – about 70% – should be create value for them. About 20% could be your promotions. About 10% should be friendly exchanges. This is our 70-20-10 formula.
2. Schedule Your Updates: Use Buffer App or Hootsuite  to schedule your messages in such a way that A) You don’t pump out all these updates at once, and B) you can operate your business while still having a voice in front of your audience. Set up alerts or pings so you can choose to respond in real-time or not.
3. Uniform Your Profile Pages: Your Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube pages should all have similar look and feel. Doesn’t have to be exact – in fact it might prove interesting not to be exact duplicates. But you’ve invested a lot in the look of your brand and probably have some equity in customer-recognition. Tap into that by making your social profile pages somewhat uniform. Here’s a cheat sheet to the sizes for images on these areas.
4. Be Present Everywhere, Active Somewhere: Using a service such as KnowEm – you can ensure your business name is yours on a lot of these social networks. Better you than someone else. Even if you do a little at a time, it’s worth the effort. You don’t necessarily need to be active on all these sites – but have a presence.
5. Engage Often (Maybe Not Quite Always): We hinted at this in No. 2 above. There are going to be times where an immediate response is good for business. Maybe it’s a complaint or a question that’s easy to answer. Perhaps one of your most loyal customers has given a compliment and you want to respond quickly to such an important voice. Being able to exchange in real-time doesn’t mean you must. Prioritize as it happens. Just as every e-mail doesn’t require immediate attention, neither does every mention on social media.

Social Media continues to be a moving target, so always be ready to pivot. As you enter 2014, social media is an important part of your business whether you’re taking part or not. Taking part will mean budgeting your time well. Not taking part in it will probably ensure you’ll have lots of time on your hands soon.

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