5 Areas of Focus in 2014 – Your Mobile Efforts

Logo for 5 Areas of Focus - MobileThere are so many tracks you can take in building a better web and mobile presence for your business, it’s often hard to tell where to begin.

Below are five areas we suggest as the most important for a small business to focus on for 2014. In this piece: Your Mobile Efforts.

Improvements in each area will position your business to be more findable, shareable, and profitable. This is a short summary of each of the five areas we believe to be most important of your attention as it pertains to your mobile efforts.

5 Areas of Focus in Building a Better Business Presence
Your Mobile Efforts in 2014

1. Responsive Site: You have a website (right?). Make it mobile friendly. Remember, this isn’t for your own use, but the use of customers, prospects, travelers, and shoppers. If you don’t have a smart phone – borrow one to see what your website looks like on a device. As soon as you see your site on a device – you’ll know what I mean by saying: Make your site mobile friendly.

2. Mobile App: A mobile application can, and probably should, be different than your site. Adding value in a different way. A high-level example of this is Charmin and what they do with the Sit-or-Squat app. Without suggesting every small business do something with that scale (because it won’t) – what can your business do to add value? How-to videos? Parking or traffic reports in the business district? Curate content and put into an News, Clues, and Views type of application?

3. Local Pages and Location-Based Services Check-ins: Get connected and start using Yelp, Foursquare, Google Plus Business. Update these profiles and pages regularly – and engage with those who comment (positive or negative). It is with these pages, and by engaging with them, that you will have more influence on what is being said. Position your company in positive ways with reviews and reputation influence.

4. Eye Candy: So much movement in design and content sharing centers full-screen visuals. Video, photos, posters, and temporary content taking up full screens on small devices. Such content styles are influencing offline content as well, at various points-of-sale and display ads. So while mobile may be “tech”, provide settings for “talk” and allow eye candy to happen at your location. Plus, Augmented Reality is getting bigger as technology evolves still further.

5. Get ready for Glass: Currently, the conversation around “mobile” is phones and tablets. But what of “glass”? Did “glass” drive the use of images, or did the use of images drive the quickening release of “glass”? With it, may come a whole new set and series of design practices.

While the top three of this list are getting the most conversation, the last two may be the biggest focus areas by the end of 2014. The best part is – by taking small steps towards familiarizing and embracing mobile – is how your customers and visitors can become great ambassadors. These ambassadors become like bees spreading the pollen of your flower, extending your reach.

Small steps of embracing mobile might be the best steps a small business – especially rural business – can take in 2014.

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