5 Areas of Focus in 2014 – Your Content Production

Logo for 5 Areas of Focus - ContentThere are so many tracks you can take in building a better web and mobile presence for your business, it’s often hard to tell where to begin.

Below are five areas we suggest as the most important for a small business to focus on for 2014. In this piece: Your Digital Content.

Improvements in each area will position your business to be more findable, shareable, and profitable. This is a short summary of each of the five areas we believe to be most important of your attention as it pertains to your digital content production.

5 Areas of Focus in Building a Better Business Presence
Your Digital Content in 2014

1.  Blogging: A blog for your business is a hub for all of your digital content production, including the micro-content status updates you post on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Your blog is part of your website, potentially helping you in authority, credibility, and findability. There are more ways a business can employ a blog than there are ways to cook chicken. Suggested recipe: Short, Consistent, Frequent (3-5 times weekly)

2.  Videos & Audio: Video is huge and growing. Audio continues to rise. A guideline might be if your business is business-to-consumer, focus on video. If your customers are mostly other businesses, focus on audio. This isn’t a blanket statement, just a thumb line. In either case, Storyboard the message; Rehearse to get better; Be comfortable making and discarding mistakes. Suggested recipe: Short, Consistent, Occasional (once or twice each month)

3.  Images & Photos: Equipped with tools like Pressgram, PicMonkey, and PhotoPin, there is little reason to not use photos and images in your content production. Be vigilant in finding the right images, and diligent in using them properly. The proper use of images can enhance your production in two ways: 1) They slow readers (skimmers) down enough to read your work, and 2) they are gifts to your readers. If you look at what the digital user base flocks towards currently – much of it is imagery.

4.  Email Newsletters: The purpose of your email newsletter isn’t simply to push your message. If you add a mix of your own news or events (promotional), your own content (production), items you’ve found that can help your subscribers (prize). Weekly or monthly – be consistent. Important: Use opt-in lists only (people choose to subscribe). Getting a business card and adding someone to your list is not a good practice, and could be considered illegal.

 5.  Micro-Content or Social Stream:  Your updates on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, et al. Whether it’s content creation (yours) or content curation (found and shared), bringing it together makes sense. Tools are being created to corral these tidbits and present them packaged on your own site. Be watchful and allow for different platforms to have different purposes. How and why you use Twitter should be different than the how and why you use LinkedIn. Remember: Be active where your customers or prospects are most active.

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