Staying Ahead of the Next Big Thing (a Story)

Railroad Ties Along a TrackStory goes a man was walking the tracks.

His goal was simply to get to the next station. He’d heard about “The Next Big Thing” and was hoping to catch it.

Approaching the station, the sun was setting a bit off to the left. A picturesque ending to a journey of high hopes and big dreams.

An orange glint shone from the tracks ahead. As he took hold of the door handle entering the station, he looked back from where he had come, then turning, looking ahead to more tracks.

It seems there are always more tracks.

The attendant shook his head. “The Next Big Thing” had already moved on, with a load of enthusiasts along for the ride. This station was still the resting place for that Previous Thing, and the attendant welcomed the man to stay if he wanted.

Walking back out, he looked ahead. The sun almost completely settled in for the night, he could see plenty of tracks. He started our for his next goal.

With light drifting away, he was tempted to walk faster – maybe even run. So he compromised. Navigating the wood planks between the rails became more difficult. The darkness made skipping over some of the ties difficult. He tripped. Nothing major, but his ankle and shin now hurt, slowing his pace.

Progress slowed, he limped on, wondering if he’d be able to get to “The Next Big Thing” on time. His thoughts also wandered to his previous stop.

What had become of the Previous Thing that now resided permanently at the other station. He remembered how folks had once clamored for a ride on that wagon when it was the hottest thing on rails.

But that was then. Now, it was all about “The Next Big Thing”.

As he walked, his thinking cleared and so did the hurt in his ankle and shin. His pace was good, one step at a time, and he continued to think these things through.

What will happen when “The Next Big Thing” becomes passe. Won’t there be another to follow? And will everyone again abandon the one thing for the newest? That’s what happened before, and again and again.

As the sun began shining from behind, he could see the station. He could see “The Next Big Thing” and crowds gathering around, celebrating its existence.

He had finally reached his goal. When he got there, he saw more tracks.

And his next goal.

Smiling as he recaptured his pace of continuous forward movement, the realization of staying ahead was simply taking one step at a time.

Note: This story is played out in the business world daily. Often, it’s with new tools on the web or mobile, but not always. If you want to know more about how your business can capture a good pace and stay ahead of the shiny and new, we can help. One track at a time. Contact info is on the right sidebar.

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