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hands raised to ask a questionAs you can probably tell by now, we are big believers in growth by taking small steps (“tracks”). The journey becomes so much better balanced with regard to time, workload, and attention.

One of the “tracks” I am working for my business is creating an FAQ for SmallBizTracks. The beginnings of that are below:

SmallBizTracks FAQ

How do we meet if we’re in different locations?

– If meeting in person doesn’t work, we can still meet face-to-face using a number of tools, including Skype or Google. We can also meet by phone and use a screen sharing tool for displaying or training purposes.

How do I know which level is the one my business needs?

– During our initial meeting, we discuss the details of your project. That helps determine if Basic is the best choice (and it often is). While we can begin at any level, we strongly believe in building upwards incrementally.

Are you just going to try to up-sell me later if I get Basic Level now?

– Probably. Eventually. Tools change. Services launch. Your business grows or changes. So yes, if you grow out of what we put into place, we go to a different level. Or if a new service is launched, we let you know about it if we feel it might help grow your business. Our goal is always your business growth, not the up-sell.

Do I have to pay upfront?

– Yes. To start the work, we ask for payment upfront. Because of our 100% guarantee, we make sure to finish the task in-time and with your approval. If there are questions, a phone call or email is encouraged.

How does the (money-back) guarantee work?

– Your payment is held in an escrow until you sign off on the project as complete and delivered. If at anytime you decide the project isn’t working out, simply stop the project (we’ll ask you for an email stating such). If we decide on our side, it’s not working out, we’ll do the same and refund your payment in full.

Are your prices a recurring subscription, or a one-time charge?

– While there may be some situations where we agree an ongoing relationship would be beneficial, the services listed on our site are almost always one-time. Any subscription services we might suggest become a relationship with you and the provider (i.e., GoDaddy for a domain name or DropBox for file-sharing).

Do I have to give you access to my passwords?

– Not always. In most cases, we do need access to your website admin area, but there are services we can use so we share a password for the duration we work on your project. After the work is done, we delete that connection. Your password never changed, and we no longer have access.

Who owns the finished work, such as domain names or plugins?

– You do. Unless it’s a subscription service, the accounts with any domain names you obtain or services subscriptions we agree you need to grow your business – belong to you. Still, we’ll always be available to answer questions.

I have a project in mind, but I don’t see it on your services menu. Do you know of someone?

– Us. We’ve had a couple of situations where a customer asked about something that became part of our “menu” – so if you have something you need, we start with Basic Level project and work from there. If it’s outside of our capabilities, we know people who are smarter than we are (and charge accordingly).

Do You FAQ?

Do you use an FAQ page on your site? Maybe we should create a “track” item in the SmallBizTracks Catalog for an FAQ page. We could have a discovery conversation and build out the best Frequently Asked Questions (and include a few you wish would get asked). Basic.

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