Small Steps Leading to Big Results

Motivational Photo Poster of Woman Rock ClimbingTaking small steps leading to big results.

That’s what our friend walking the tracks in the story realizes. By taking things one small step at a time, he remains ahead of what ever that next big thing is – no matter if it’s fad or fantastic.

Small steps lead to big results.

If your goal is building a better business presence, guess what happens when you get there. Yep, you have a new goal: building a better business presence. As you reach your goals, celebrate a bit. Then keep going.

There’s no jumping on bandwagons or over-indulging on the latest web-based business-craze kool aid.

The idea behind SmallBizTracks is as much for the small business owner who prefers to journey the ever-changing world of web and mobile themselves (DIY) as those who don’t want to touch it at all (that would be outsourcing). Or any combination.

Here’s a mantra:

  • Start Stepping
  • Make Meaning with Each Step
  • Assess & Measure
  • Leap Over No Step
  • Let’s Do it Again

When you hike up a mountain, you reach the top by your feet hitting one pebble at a time. Nobody ever climbs a mountain in a single step.

So whether the project before you is a mountain or a molehill, take it one step at a time.

Assess where you right now. In a free 30-minute call (800-825-9973), we’ll discuss your current web and mobile presence and score your current situation in three areas: Findable, Connectable, Shareable. At the end of the call, I’ll send you a single-page report with an idea for first steps in each area.

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