Since Chalk on a Rock – Sharing Stories

We’ve been doing it forever. Sending a message. Chalk on a Rock. Smoke in a stack. Mannequins in a window.

Displaying messages, images, and sharing stories.


Maybe in previous generations, a business owner would write a Letter to the Editor to get their name out there. Perhaps do a stint in a leadership role at the lodge. Rent a billboard along the highway. Paint the storefront window during a holiday. Put a magnet sign on our truck.

The tools are different now. Easier really, once you get a bit comfortable. You can pick up the phone to do a podcast (BlogTalkRadio) or produce a live, on-site broadcast from your store (UStream). Display your products on Pinterest (now with maps).

And you can do all those things from your smart phone. That’s where many of your customers and customers-to-be are shopping.

So grab some chalk (or outsource it).

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