The Scent of a Storefront

Cookie on a PlateDoes the scent of your storefront or office make pedestrian traffic linger?

As I walked into the jewelry store, I anticipated a short wait to see the owner. It was shortly after lunch and the foot traffic around the town square was pretty busy, even with a few of the nearby storefronts vacant.

Approaching the counter, the jeweler stepped up to greet me. We were the only ones in the store.

After talking about her company’s web and mobile efforts, the conversation turned to the business climate in the small town. Recently, a small corner bakery a few doors down had closed.

“People used to linger longer,” she said, “and the smell of cinnamon or chocolate used to fill this store when the door opened. Gosh, I loved that smell.”

I simply raised my eyebrows and tilted my head. I don’t know if I titled it all that much, but her response was one I’ll treasure.

“You’re right! I can bring the smell to the store.” I hadn’t said anything.

Is it wrong for me to hope she has fresh baked cookies next time I visit?

We often notice what our storefronts look like. We change up the window display, or make sure the glass is clean and sidewalk swept. But what of the scent? Does the scent of your storefront or office make pedestrian traffic linger?

Maybe even walk in. And become a customer.

Other ideas for your storefront? Spice it up with your social media presence on display (3 tips from Kim) or bring it alive with bring it alive with planters and window boxes (good hints from Kristi).

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Photo on Flickr by Peppysis

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