Pre-purposing Your Content – Infographic

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “Repurposing”.  Repurposing is taking content you’ve once created, modifying the presentation, and re-publishing in a new format.

Can you plan for a repurpose? Would that be Pre-purposing?

In previous posts here, we looked at a few pieces of infographics. Each piece was presented on its own, with a small write-up along with it. Today, we’ll bring these pieces together in two ways:

  1. A presentation deck
  2. An infographic

The four posts “pre-purposed” for this exercise:

Adding a title slide and an informational slide, I’ve uploaded the presentation onto SlideShare:

These pieces, considered “basic-level” work from a SmallBizTracks view, can also be used as informational e-mail replies (either individual or the whole) and even in a video promo (with some background music found on Jamendo, perhaps).

Putting the slides together into a single image to create a basic infographic (see below) came last. By creating the parts first – small steps lead to a bigger result … and wider reach.

From here, the power of Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter , and other social areas can be utilized … using the images in individual and combined ways. Planned repurposing — pre-purposing.

Need to find new ways to use old content? Want to brainstorm how to pre-purpose some of those things you talk about every day with your customers?  800-825-9973 or 515-802-2273. We can help. Enjoy the infogrpahic below.

Infographic with data on SoLoMo


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