What’s Your One Piece?

A single puzzle pieceA key to success in owning a small business is loving what you do – and doing that thing you love.

For many, the pain comes from getting bogged down with the stuff they don’t really like or know that comes with running a small business. Yet each piece is part of running a business.

One such heavy weight can be your website and all the pieces surrounding it (email list, social media, mobile, coupons, etc). Depending on how you look at it, this can be such a time consumer – you avoid it all together. Or outsource it and it becomes a large project (in costs and decision).

Break it down into smaller pieces and focus. 

If there was one thing – one piece – about your presence on the web that you could change or improve, what would it be? By thin-slicing your web presence this way – it becomes easier, easier to learn or less expensive of a project.

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If there was one piece of your web presence puzzle to modify – what would it be?

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The question, “What’s the one piece of your web presence you would change today?” has become an important question for small business owners. It’s what helps get things going at SmallBizTracks.

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