Your Next Step? Make Meaning

A maze of train tracksIn a Journey of Single Steps, each step should make meaning. For you or your customer (Both?)

As you’re taking your next step, who does it make a meaning for? The practice of asking that question will produce better steps, better results.

It’s best to ask this question while in motion. Inertia can be or friend (while in motion) and our enemy (while still).

Make meaning. Keep in mind: you have something that means most to you; your customer has something that means most to them.

Ideally, you will often find the sweet spot of the answer being the same. But it’s not always so. Still, making meaning is important in your step-by-step, track-by-track journey.

Since each business case and situation is different, let’s examine how to determine the most important step – the one you are about to take.

  • Is it low-hanging fruit? Is it easy to get to, and quick to completion?
  • Is it time-sensitive? Holidays, Local Event, Deadline,
  • Does this improve function or form – something that makes your business run smoother or look better?
  • Who is the customer? Is this a relationship building step (others) or something to get done so you can focus elsewhere (self)?

Once you have an answer, focus on that one thing

The answer to these questions will help you make meaning, decisions, and take better steps. Assistance and counsel can help you to answer these questions on an individual basis. This piece of content simply helps ask the questions. There are few blanket answers.

Here are a few items to consider

  • Does your website make it easy to contact you? Phone number near the top. No generic “info@” email or form. Click-to-call.
  • Do you have your business name (or nickname) reserved on social networks. A free service like Knowem can help here.
  • Is your website mobile-ready? If you don’t have a responsive site yet, there are third-party tools like DudaMobile or Conduit.
  • Do you have social buttons on your site AND do they connect to anything? Don’t have them there if they don’t connect or let visitors share your page to their network.

Without making meaning, your step may not be the best one at this time. “So What (does this mean)?” is a good default answer.

Better questions lead to better answers.

Seek Better Answers and you will find yourself developing a rhythm of small steps leading towards bigger results.