Meetup: Connections, Because They Like You

Find a Meetup Near YouBecause they like you.

That’s one of the main reasons your customers do business with you. They like you. There was a connection.

Maybe the connection is where you both grew up, or you have the same dentist, or you like the same sports team. It could be your kids have the same dentist, you workout together, or you’re both gluten-free.

The connections can be a start to a friendship, a working partnership, or a customer-provider relationship.

Where does a small business owner or solopreneur make such connections outside of the sales-heavy Chamber events or BNI meetings?

Meetups are a great place to make connections. There’s a reason Meetups has over 15 million members and close to 3 million RSVPs each month. People like to connect.

Craft a short porch pitch (think elevator pitch – but shorter). Find a meetup that interests you. Bring business cards (not brochures). And go have fun. Be yourself.

Remember these things:

  1. You should already have your porch pitch ready and be using it. “What do you do?” and iterations of that question is often the first thing people ask when they meet someone. Anywhere.
  2. Find a meetup that interests you personally, not necessarily one to focus on finding clients.
  3. You should always have business cards on you. Always.

Can’t find a meetup near you?  Start a meetup. Make connections. And you’ll find folks that like you.


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