A Journey of Single Steps

small child climbing stairs step-by-step“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – a familiar saying

Everything moves so fast in today’s business world, doesn’t it?

Especially all things web-related. As soon as we begin to wrap our head around the idea of a social media strategy, mobile strategy is hailed most important.

What’s next? Disposable Content? Offline Customer Profiling?

The paradox of trying to slow things down while racing to keep up is a recipe for overwhelm and under-the-gun all at once. The trap becomes trying to stay ahead of the “next big thing” the present is neglected. When that doesn’t work, the stab is neglecting the next and sticking to what was once present.

In his youth, actor and former “fresh prince”, Will Smith, received a task from his father. Put up a brick wall. Instructions and dimensions were clear. Supplies provided. Instead of looking at the wall, Will chose to look at a brick. And he laid it. Then he attended to the next brick. One brick at a time. He didn’t set out to build a wall. His goal was to set a single brick as best as a brick could be set. One at a time. Eventually, he had put up a wall.

While Will’s story is motivating, its focus is on one thing (laying bricks) for one time (a childhood lesson). If he were to have gone into the brick-laying business, there’d be a pile of different tasks to handle and oversee.

For the small business owner, the solopreneur, the independent consultant – there is always the paperwork, the marketing, the customer service, the inventory, accounting, meetings, and phone calls. Employees? Insurance?

These tasks don’t include all the website and social media efforts, or any search engine tactics or mobile presence.

Breaking it down into small components can be easier than trying to conquer the whole.

The journey of a thousand miles doesn’t just being with a single step – it’s single step after single step. Begin with a single step. And continue with single steps. That’s how improvement begins. And continues. Small steps leading to big results.

Around here, we call these “tracks”. Ready to take the first step?


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