Power in (Social) Sharing

There is power in sharing. Sharing produces pride and joy in the giver and the gifted.

One reason M&Ms candy became so popular is they understood the power of sharing.

Those small, colorful candies are wonderful to give away. The owner of the bag says, “Hey, look what I have here. Want some?” The bystander, knowing they won’t melt in the hand – hold out their hand. “Cool, thanks!” Both are happy. Pride and joy to both parties.

Graphic of the practice of social sharing and moms

If you own a small business, have a website, and neglect the power of the social sharing buttons – you’re making a mistake. The buttons are small, colorful and are a wonderful way for discoverers of your content to share with others.

Ponder this: On Pinterest, one of the fastest growing social networks, over 80% of the “pins” are re-pins. A lot of sharing.

Moms share a lot. They also wield a lot of the buying power in the household. And they’re busy. Make it easy for them to share. Pride and joy for all.

Make it easy for visitors to share your content. Your business will grow. Need a hand? 800-825-9973 or 515-802-2273. We can help.

Note: If you use WordPress, I highly recommend using the Digg Digg sharing plugin. Easy. Don’t use WordPress? Try AddThis or ShareThis.

Another: The image above is part of a week-long project on creating and repurposing Infographics for your business. Each day this week, another mini-infograph will be used. Later, we’ll cover how and why you might want to do something similar.

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