Where’s Your Phone Number?

When a potential customer does a local search for something, they are often looking for contact info (phone or email), directions, or store hours. Why not make it easy to find? Easy to contact?

Most small business websites don’t have a phone number on their home page. And many of those that do, don’t present it in a click-to-call format.

Graphic of Small Business Phone Number Placement on a Website

Sending visitors to a “contact” page isn’t the answer – especially if all that’s there is a contact form. I understand you’re trying to avoid the cold calls and emails – but at the expense of potential customers?

Make it easy to contact you, find you, call you. Your business will grow. Need a hand? 800-825-9973 or 515-802-2273. We can help.

Note: The image above is part of a week-long project on creating and repurposing Infographics for your business. Each day this week, another mini-infograph will be used. On Friday, we’ll cover how and why you might want to do something similar.

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