Next Step: DIY or Outsource?

Man with Car TroubleI enjoy working with my hands. Especially in the kitchen.

Under the hood of my car? Not so much.

In the kitchen: I can do this work anytime of the day. I can also break it up into component cooking (prep, base, freeze, sauce, etc.) and bring things together later.  Even my favorite grocery store is open 24 hours.

Under the hood: There are only certain times of day to accomplish this chore. I need light to do the work. The auto parts store needs to be open. I’ll get my hands greasy (and there’s that kitchen stuff I like so much).

Time Best Invested: Since I do most of my customer interaction during daylight hours, whether face-to-face on a video call or belly-to-belly in person, the daylight hours are my most valuable time. Working with customers and prospects is the best thing I can do with those daylight hours.

It’s not just about enjoyment. To be fair, I’d rather use a skillet than a socket wrench. I’m thankful that I can shop, prep, and cook at anytime of the day. Yet, if the optimum time of doing things were different, my choices might have to be also.

Cost isn’t always about money. Time should be a consideration. Enjoyment vs. Frustration can also be a factor in some cases.

If the journey begins and continues with single steps, and each step makes meaning to either you or your customer – take the steps. What’s the best use of your time? Doing it yourself, or outsourcing?  Don’t ignore the step.

Sometimes, you’ll decide to have others use their feet – or hands.

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