Have Call-to-Action on Your Business Cards

Do you have a Call-to-Action on your business cards?

We’re all used to the standard phone number and email information included. Often a list of services or a tag line appears, sometimes even on the back of the card.  But what about a Call-to-Action or even a Special Offer?

I recently ordered a new set of business cards from Overnight Prints (I love the ease and the quality – great prices too). Since SmallBizTracks is now the focus, it has that information along with the ConverStations info. That’s the front.

On the back of the card, I had the SmallBizTracks Introductory Offer printed. I use these when I go to small towns or rural businesses, events and Meetups. Do you have a call-to-action or special offer on your business card?

Intro Offer on Back of Business Card

SmallBizTrack Available: If you have a logo, we can help design and order your business cards. That’s one track – just $50. If you don’t have a logo, we can create one for you – yep, that would be another track($50).

Of course, you’d get approval of final design (of both the logo and the business card).  Go to SmallBizTracks.com and fill out the short form under the picture.

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    A special offer on the business card can make your card stand out from the rest if you are attending a trade show or industry event where a lot of business cards will be exchanged. Someone might be more likely to give you a call if you offer an incentive on your card.