Taking a Different Track – Building as a Verb

Taking small steps in the journey

Previously, I offered an update to why and how we’re Slowing Down this Train called ConverStations. Literally, the purpose is to take a different track – or Tracks as in SmallBizTracks.

The first seven years of ConverStations, this site provided a library of helps, examples, and ideas for clients, students, and peers – pertaining mostly to social media.

We’re switching tracks from a social media-centric site to helping small business owners and independents in building a better business presence.

Two things about that last part:

  1. Helping Small Business Owners and Independents
  2. Building a Better Business Presence

You small business owner, solopreneur, freelancer – are now the intended audience of this site. Some of you may want to Do-It-Yourself and there will be tutorials and tools shared here for you to do such. And please note the present-tense use of “Building”.

Building – as in Developing

One of the challenges business owners face today is the seemingly either/or of web development. Often, it’s either getting a cousin’s nephew to do the work (under-development?) or outsourcing to the large agency (overdevelopment?).  The challenge with both scenarios is the finality of the … project.

Building a business presence, including web development, should be an ongoing process.  Things just change too fast. Don’t just build it – be building it.  And “it” isn’t just your website – but your whole business presence. Online and offline. Social and Mobile. In print and In your window.

So, new tracks for ConverStations (see the two points above), and continuous building of your business presence. Here we go.

Photo on Flickr via DustinJMcClure