Having a Bias on Action (Ebook)

Cover for SmallBizTracks EbookHaving recently proposed  a practice Repurposing and Pre-purposing Content, we’re at it again (and hope you are too).

This time last week, we put a few pieces of content together into an Infographic. This week, we took some pieces, new and old, and put them into an Ebook.

Building a Better Presence: Having a Bias on Action is a 38-page gift with your free subscription to Whistle Stops Weekly. Plus, as a subscriber you will receive new Ebooks as they are published in 2014 (active subscribers).

If you are already a subscriber to Whistle Stops – you should be receiving your copy of Having a Bias on Action in your email today.

There are many ways to put together eBooks or digital publications such as White Papers. For this piece, I grabbed some tips from HubSpot’s Simple PowerPoint Ebook Template, one of the many free resources HubSpot offers.

Grab a copy of Building a Better Business Presence: Having a Bias Towards Action today and automatically reserve your spot to receive upcoming Ebooks, in addition, you’ll receive Whistle Stops Weekly each Sunday.

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