Slowing This Train Down

Fast Moving TravelA year ago, we were in a process of moving to Colorado Springs from Omaha. God had called us to work at the Springs Rescue Mission for a time – and it was a wonderful time.

When we departed Colorado, on the heels of some major flooding, we continued our travels across the country focusing on Angela’s ministry work. We were living small and living mobile, carrying with us only what was necessary to sustain us.

Not surprisingly, ConverStations and 1019Ministries both were light in new writings. Time was short as our ministry work was hands-on. Internet connections were limited. I’ve kept my ear to the ground (thanks Feedly) and my fingers off the keyboard.

We’re now back in Omaha. We’ll still travel a bit, but our hub is our home – and that’s here in the Midwest.

Just prior to our move last year, I was ready to launch SmallBizTracks – a process and service to help small business build a better presence – whether it’s on the web, with social media, or on mobile. SmallBizTracks gives business owners the opportunity to address changes in small doses (and costs) rather than the either/or of getting their cousin’s nephew to do the work or outsourcing to the large agency.

What does that mean for ConverStations? It’s still a conversation station, with an emphasis on how a small business, rural business, or freelancer can build a better presence on the web, mobile, and social.

That was where we were, and that is where we’re going. Lord willing.

Photo on Flickr by Thomas Leuthard