Small Steps Leading to Big Outcomes

Taking small steps – even if seemingly insignificant – can lead to big outcomes. Remember the teachings of Mr. Miyagi:

It’s great to be thinking about the big picture, but remember big pictures are composed of small pixels.

  • Putting your phone number above the fold on every web page you have in your inventory
  • Making your phone number “Click-to-Call” for mobile devices
  • Creating a simple product and a submission form for visitors
  • Introduction video on your web page and YouTube Channel

These small steps, what we call “Small Biz Tracks”, can be as simple as creating a call-to-action form on your site or building a Google Plus profile, or as complex as building a mobile app or a series landing pages to create revenue.


  1. Anna Pham says

    Totally agree with you, the video is quite amazing ,and huge success should come from a progress of many small steps, not over a night.

  2. Steve MacDonald says

    Exactly right! We can reach our goals one step at a time. Slowly but surely!