Freedom800 Toll-Free Number Extends Reach

Freedom800 Toll Free ServiceA client extending their reach beyond their current geographic borders asked about getting a toll-free number for their business.

We found implementing the service from Freedom800 was so easy and thorough – I’ve done likewise.

My new 800 number appears in the sidebar here, in the banner of SmallBizTracks, and on the new business cards and collateral material I just ordered from OvernightPrints.

One thing I like best about Freedom800 is you can customize the call routing and forwarding that works best for your business. Since I work solo, my incoming calls go to my mobile phone – and I know when an incoming call is being routed from the toll-free number.

Getting a toll-free number from a cloud-based service like Freedom800 takes only minutes to set-up. They offer a 30-day trial on their plans. It’s a small step that can lead to big results.

Want to discuss other ideas on how your business can take small steps leading to big results? Call me at 800-825-9973

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    I can’t wait to see your examples of how your handwriting has evolved! I am obsessed with the different forms that hand writing takes. I love collecting old postcards just to see the writing…

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