Make Good Small Choices

Since October, my wife and I have been focusing our walk and work to serving in a local rescue mission and with our homeless neighbors – specifically in the area of recovery.

Reggie Jackson Swings for the FencesOne of our most repeated and shared mantras has been, “Make Good Small Choices – They Add Up to Big Results.”

Many times in life – and business – we try to swing for the fences every time. Too often we find ourselves in knots or falling over. Sometimes both at once.

With the still quickening pace of change and tools, small business owners and rural business might often find better success and digestible improvements by making good small choices – even if these choices come weekly or even once a month.

Build a better business presence one piece at a time. It’s what I call “Pieces of Presence” and you can learn more about how to implement this practice in your business at SmallBizTracks.

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