To a Wonder-Filled 2013

Happy New Year! Here’s to 2013 being a year filled with wonderful times and opportunities to be profitably courageous and positively contagious.

Happy 2013

Angela and I have invested the previous months focusing our time and energy on a mission field. Our ministry work (Lk 14:23, Mk 16:20) has been fulfilling and, at times, stretching – and we look forward to more exercise in 2013.

As I begin to return some attention to business, the work I do will be focused on helping business grow using the SmallBizTracks model. Personal and Spiritual writings will be found on my Armchair Articulations site. Angela has begun working on her second book and continues to care and share at 1019Ministries.

As 2013 becomes the date on the calendar, I pray this year brings an abundance of blessings and that you remain healthy in your work and your walk.

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