A Non-Techie Way to Embed a YouTube Video

Before the words “embed a video” can contort a face, I quickly soften the crinkling frown with “by simply pasting the URL” and smile.

With almost every site I work with, we use the plugin Tentblogger’s Vimeo, YouTube, RSS Embed. It allows you, the publisher, to simply grab the URL of the video and paste it into a box. The video gets embedded without you having to mess with any “code”. It allows your RSS readers to see a link to your page if they don’t see the video.

Whether it’s a video you’ve made yourself, a clip from someone else, this plugin makes a big impact with a small step.

Here’s a short video from the folks at Manta. I simply grabbed the URL and pasted it using the plugin:

Easy. A small step with big value.

Here’s a how-to on this great video plugin from the author himself.

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