Capturing Conversation Using Skype and Snagit

Ginger Johnson and her WEB mobileI was visiting with Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer yesterday as she was packing things up and going to the Great American Beer Festival ’12 in Denver, and we decided to shoot some video.

Keep in mind that Ginger is in Oregon, I am in Nebraska. We visited via Skype. I turned on Snagit to capture the conversation audio/video.

I asked a few questions (and then edited my voice out) and now we’re uploading snippets (edited in iMovie) to her site and YouTube.

“Face to Face” yet not “Belly to Belly”. The latter is better, but not always possible.

If you’re looking to shoot some video, have some video edited and uploaded, or just want another voice to coach along during your recording – it’s one of the new SmallBizTracks offerings we provide.

If you’re going to the GABF12, make sure to visit Ginger and her team (look for the T-Shirts).

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