Click Open Your Bible App and Swipe to …

I forgot my Bible yesterday. The book, not the app.

YouVersion Bible AppThe group of folks we gather with on Sunday mornings are all over the map demographically, and pretty much everyone is there for worship and some form of inspiration, invitation, or instruction. 

We gather in a large building in a strip mall. Looks like it could’ve been a grocery store at one point. There are rows of chairs near the stage area and folding tables well behind those rows.  I like to sit at one of the tables so during the message, I can spread out my book and paper to capture thoughts.

As soon as we got in the car yesterday, I realized I left my notepad and Bible on my desk. But I knew I was covered. I always have YouVersion in my pocket. I’m not the only one.

Maybe it’s because I was relying on my mobile yesterday, but I noticed a lot of devices being used. A visitor from Illinois snapped a picture on the way in (he was “checking in”). During worship, one person used an app to find out the name of the song being sung. When the message started, I saw laptops, tablets, and handhelds clicking and swiping to the passage being read.

By using the app, I was able to highlight, take notes, and cross-reference easily. I shared some of what I gleaned with family using social apps.

The use of mobile devices, whether you use one or not, is becoming more pervasive in all areas of life. Shopping. Health. Connecting. And churching.

In recognizing this spread, we can better prepare to serve the use of these devices. Are you recognizing these growing opportunities?


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    YouVersion’s Bible app is outstanding for Bible study. I’d also recommend checking out Bible Bloom (that’s me), which is a beautiful app more focused on turning momentary downtime into meaningful inspiration. It’s a great compliment to YouVersion.