“Face-to-Face” May Not Be “Belly-to-Belly” in the Near Future

Skype Business CallsIs one-on-one Video Conferencing transactions in your company’s future? Or how about one-to-many webinar or small group meetings?

Maybe it’s time to start thinking about using this “face-to-face” technology.

Upon reading the headline, iPhone, iPad Video Banking Could Spell The End For Branches, I thought it was just another sensationalist piece at first. At the least, a story about testing of such tools. But it’s being put into play in some parts and close-at-hand with some large institutions.

“If customers can get face-to-face service over the internet, why would they ever need to step foot in a branch again?”

Though I don’t think branch banking will end any time soon, how will other businesses – large and small – begin to adopt one-on-one Video Conferencing technology.

My own use of Skype and Google Hangouts is growing, increasing revenue and reducing costs. And for my customers, it’s great to be able to meet quickly – even if we’re two time zones away.

Want to see if Video Conferencing is right for you? Schedule a free complimentary discovery session. We’ll use Skype or Google Hangout and talk about using this type of tool in your business. (Plus, it will be great practice for you).

It’s “Face-to-Face”, just not “Belly-to-Belly”.