Taking Smaller Steps to Success

Small Success Equals Tangible SuccessWe live in an era of “Quick-Attention Span”, not “Short Attention Span” – it’s become a necessity to filter quickly.

Information. Requests for our time. To-Do lists.

In this quick-attention economy, I’ve found that smaller, quicker steps towards success are a more sure way to bigger successes.

When talking with small business owners, I can sense when the weight of a project or proposal is getting too big. My desire is to stop well short of “heavy” for two reasons:

  1. Quick Steps to Tangible Success – Smaller projects are often a quicker path to tangible successes. I might have a larger project in mind, but breaking it down into smaller steps (think “kaizen”) builds habits (and relationships) of success.
  2. Model Digestible Tasks – By taking on projects and tasks in smaller steps, I am modeling how the business owner I’m working with will be able to take on their new tasks in using the web and mobile to improve their business.

Taking smaller steps may lead towards bigger successes. Sometimes quick is better than fast.

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    Interesting post. I think your comments about a quick task-oriented approach points toward the real truth in most small businesses – there’s plenty to be done that doesn’t require complexity. While some large projects can reap huge dividends, my experience is that there are lots of quick hits that can deliver great results as well.



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      Hi Caleb – Thanks for your thoughts. With small successes, some small biz owners – especially when diving into foreign waters, i.e. Social or Mobile, will have more confidence to “charting their course’ for larger projects, hmm?

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        Hi Mike – nicely worded response. I do like the idea of trying out some small projects before leaving the station on much longer journey. You did get me thinking that I didn’t commit to a one way ticket when I started with online advertising in one of my businesses. I kept the other methods in place so I could stop at any time. It was only years later that I made a full commitment to online.

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    Yes, it is possible to grow big even if you’re in a small business. What matters is that you simply deliver everything you promise to your prospects.