Feedburner Issues – Let’s Not Panic

While this posting may get a bit technical, I’ll try to keep things super-simple …

News that FeedBurner APIs are going away has some people running for solutions.

This post will glance at three things:

  • Feedburner
  • APIs
  • An old garage door opener for a house you no longer live in

Feedburner is a tool that allows many, many sites, and blogs (including this one) to have their updates automatically syndicated and sent out so people who subscribe (free) via a news reader or email alert get notified – many times with the full post.  Hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people read updates from these “feeds” in various manners.

Illustration of a garage door.

An API ( an acronym for Application Programming Interface) is …well, it’s a … an API is sorta like your garage door opener. Or perhaps the remote control to your TV.  If you were to lose your garage-door opener, it doesn’t mean you could never open your garage door again. Nor does it mean your garage door goes away. Just the add-on tool that helped you open your garage door.

Of course, if you don’t use your garage or have no need to use that big door – you probably wouldn’t miss the door opener. I know a few people who still have an opener to a house they don’t live in anymore. They still have the API, but not the program.

Feedburner APIs going away doesn’t mean that Feedburner is going away. The APIs that Feedburner used are mostly for metrics (now part of Google Analytics) or simple add-ons like the FeedFlare items. They’re getting rid of old garage door openers.

I am confident if Feedburner (a property of Google) is going away completely, Google would let us all know. There are some major sites, and a mass multitude of sites, using Feedburner.

That Google hasn’t said anything gives me confidence Feedburner will remain. Its name may change (Google RSS? Google Feeds?).

That Google hasn’t said anything at all (neither confirming or denying) leads me to cautious research for an alternative.

Among the voices of the blogosphere I trust who have made a move away from FeedBurner, I’m inclined to follow bits of their advice:

As for me? I might park my car outside for a bit longer and see what happens – though I have read the FeedBlitz guide mentioned above and am at the ready to move things. I’m cautiously optimistic we’re simply losing a garage door opener (that we no longer use) – not the whole garage.

Now where did I put that remote control?


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  1. Craig Kamman says

    Well this does help a bit. But it puts me in a “Wait and See” position which I never seem to do well at.