Searching – and Finding – Small Business Success

Recently, we were looking for a place to do some commercial-sized laundry, our own machines too small for the job. We started looking where most others do … on Google.

I queried Google for the term ‘Laundromat’ and also typed in my city to get the most local place. One of the results was this Google+ Local page for Wash World Coin Laundry. Success!

  • They have a Google Plus Page!  A definite “plus”
  • Store Hours were easy to find
  • Glowing reviews (to which I’ve added mine)
  • Photos show a comfortable, large facility
  • It’s in a shopping area I do my groceries and get my haircut. Convenient!

When we got there, the manager was heroically helpful (we don’t often do commercial-type laundry) and offered free Wi-Fi and free coffee while we waited. Great experience.

Moral of the Story: Every day I hear small business owners who’ve given up or sunk down. “We’re not big enough for Google” or “Our customers know we’re here” is often the crutch they lean on. An opposite and healthier stance is Wash World Coin Laundry. They have a clean and informative website, a findable presence on Google+ Local. And they service what they sell once you walk in the doors.

Wash Word Google+ Local Page

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    So true, Mike!  Even someplace as requisite and mundane as a laundromat earns fans and followers with savvy online presence. How can any small business get by without it? I love this post!

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    I love using Google for my local searches — and it can be much faster than the printed yellow pages for some things. The folks who designed the original yellow pages must have had a doozy of an education, considering which strange categories for businesses they emphasize and which commonly-used ones they leave out — luckily Google lets people search however they want to.

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    This is the thing, when you give something more to your customers more than their expectations then your business definitely get more from them. Same has happened there as this laundry has given some extra services to its audience as compare to other laundries in market, which are giving a competitive edge to this business.