Why Social Media Drives Action [Guest]

I’m on a road trip until the end of June. This post by Ginger Johnson of WomenEnjoyingBeer is part of a call for guest posts. (PS – Thank you, Ginger – for you contagious spirit, your leadership by example, and your unwavering friendship)

Guest PostWhy Social Media Drives Action

Seven years ago a man I’d only met online previously told me I should be blogging. I unflinchingly said yes, even though I didn’t know what it all involved. Seven years later, that simple conversation clearly change  my life. And for the better.

Let me explain.

The man who told me I should be blogging is the generous genius of this site, Converstations. We became and remain close friends on a business level as well as a personal level.

He had my best interests at heart, taking that leap of faith as he does with most, believing people are good. I believe that too so it was a perfect match.

Social media drives action. In the case of Mike and I meeting and the ensuing activity, we had indeed first ‘met’ via social media. Keep in mind:

  • The original social media is in person conversation
  • The telegraph and then the telephone became new social media format choices
  • Today we have innumerable options to utilize social media in our lives and world

I know this because I was and still am a student. I still rely on Mike’s assistance, his seasoned experience and professional services to help me grow. That’s how a true partnership develops; Mutually satisfactory goals and activities.

  • People want to be involved in the world around them
  • People want to be connected to other people
  • And, as a researcher of women, I can tell you factually that people want to be engaged (not simply ‘friends’)

The great and highly effective aspect of utilizing at least one Social media stream is the fact that people do indeed talk, and they like to share AND we are all curious about what others do indeed have to say about this or that. Like another colleague savvy in social media stated, people are already talking about you (as a business). Be part of the conversation and participate. That’s where social media can serve an enormous purpose.

Social media is an absolutely remarkable phenomena. Yet it’s been here all along. The social in the media is us – and reciprocating is what it’s all about.

Take a look at what you do, why you do it and who you can help. Drive some action by starting it first.

Thanks to Mike for getting it started for me.

Ginger Johnson, Women Enjoying Beer (WEB), has been happily online since 2007. Even happier to connect with other engaged community members from all over the world. WEB researches women and their relationship with beer and is the only business on the planet doing so. It’s enlightening to say the least and her goal is to shift culture for the better. 
WomenEnjoyingBeer.com@WomenEnjoyBeer , Women Enjoying Beer

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  1. April54321 says

    I agree that people want engagement rather than an auto “friend”. Great to see you give a shout-out to Mike.

  2. April54321 says

    I agree that people want engagement rather than an auto “friend”. Great to see you give a shout-out to Mike.