Your “Why” Should Come First

I dunno whySocial Media can be a wrestling match for many small business owners.

It seems like it should be so easy, right?  Then once you start, you wonder why you ever started. Your niece can do this Facebook and Pinterest thing with ease. And your neighbor’s son is really popular on Twitter. So why not you?

No, it’s not a generational thing. Often it can be an attitudinal thing. In most cases though, it’s an operational thing.

Your niece and neighbor are probably doing things with a different purpose (recreational?) or practice (WWW = Whatever, Whenever, Wherever) than you as a business owner can (or want to) emulate.

While the Who, What, When, Where, and How are all important – Why should almost always come first.

Without knowing “why” you won’t have conviction to continue and every opinion about social media (and everybody has a few) will knock you off whatever path you chose in the first place.

Make social media mean something to your business.

Know your “Why” first.

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