Have a LinkedIn Account? Time to Change Your Password [Guest Post]

Special Post from Scott Ferreira, CEO of SocialCloud, Inc.

Generate Secure Password with MySocialCloud

Random Password Generator from MySocialCloud.com

You have probably heard by now that LinkedIn had more than 6.5 Million account passwords compromised. Very few details around this have been released but many sources have said that these accounts were hacked with many different intentions. Some were hacked to find sensitive information, some to spam send messages, etc, etc.

With more than 150 Million users, the chances of your account being effected are small but not insignificant. Passwords protect our online lives and anytime that is threatened, action needs to be taken. Even if you haven’t noticed any unusual activity, it is better to be safe and change your password than not and realize they were just waiting to do something to your account at a later date.

What can you do? MySocialCloud is helping make sure your passwords are safe and secure so that you can have piece of mind while online. We offer very safe storage of your username and password as well as our RPG – Random Password Generator. These two are powerful when used together. For example, I now need to change my LinkedIn password as well as my password to Facebook and Twitter because I used the same password for all three. I logged into MySocialCloud.com, visited where I can store my logins, and clicked the button to randomly generate new passwords. Because MySocialCloud will store the passwords and autologin to the sites in the future, I do not need to remember the passwords. This means that all three sites can now have different passwords that are completely random! So even if something happens in the future, I can have the piece of mind that my online accounts are safe.

We hope you enjoy safe and secure online life!

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  1. Guest says

    You have shared very valuable information Mike. This feature
    will really help the user of different medias by hacking of their accounts. I
    want to ask that is “MySocialCloud” only works for Social medias or it can also
    be used with hotmail, yahoo and Gmail? If not, then they should add this
    feature for these sites.