Guest Posting: A Call and A Hope

Guest Post on ConverstationsGuest posting is very popular these days, and rightfully so. It can be a great way to reach different audiences for both the host and the gust.

I get dozens of requests each month to be a host of a guest post. I gladly turn many of them down for these reasons:

  • No mention of what site the guest author will be linking to
  • No offer of any social media or network profile (and I search, but there are so many David White or Susan Jones, it becomes challenging
  • Even though I send my Guest Post Guidelines there are zero Eye Rests. None.

So I don’t post those. But I do host guest posts I think will be valuable to an intended audience of small business owners or social media learners.

That said, I’m on a road trip through Rural America – four states in two weeks – working with a few small businesses and organizations. This is a great time to submit your guest posts.

No need to ask first, just submit the post with this in mind:

  • Topic of interest should be small business or social media (or both)
  • Must have Eye Rests
  • A small bio or at least a link to one of your “active” social media/network profiles
  • A link that will act as a resource to this intended audience.

Mail you submission to

See you in a couple of weeks

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