How to Increase Your Tweet Appeal


Evan Bailyn’s Top Five Tips to Increase Twitter Followers Instantly

Internet Entrepreneur and bestselling author Evan Bailyn keeps celebrities Tweettastic, making literally hundreds of thousands of people follow his celebrity clients – from soap opera queens to rock stars – with very simple tricks he uses every day.

Drive traffic to your website, increase visibility and revenue with Evan’s top five tweet tips!

1.       Make a move – Tweets are 140 characters for a reason – provide information that is direct and to the point. Your tweet is like a headline that grabs the reader’s attention and incites them to action. Make it clear what you want your followers to do (whether it’s sharing an article, re-tweeting to their networks, or visiting a website), but above all, make it appealing.

2.       Work your strengths – Become a resource by consistently focusing on one or two subjects. People will follow you because they learn from you. So if you are a baker, talk about butter, cream and cupcakes all day long — this is why your fans will tune in and, in time, share your expertise with others.

3.       Keep the conversation going – People come to social media sites to feel like they are a part of something, not to be promoted to.  For this reason, success on Twitter is not just about how many followers you have, but also with how engaged they are with what you have to say. Like all social media, Twitter is a two-way street – you want to ask thought-provoking questions to engage discussions, but you should also connect with others by taking part in discussions yourself.

4.       Choose your moment – Know when your followers are most active, and make sure you are tweeting then. The goal is to strike a balance between lively interaction and endless flood of tweets – too few makes it hard to maintain a discussion; too many will force your followers to choose between their time and you (time usually wins).

5.       Be yourself – Unless you’re a celebrity, most people don’t care what show you’re watching or how long the line at Starbucks is. They will care about is a unique perspective. Your tweets should be meaningful and relevant, not just empty status updates. Include links to articles or blog posts to give depth to your tweet, and invite comments to keep the conversation going. Ultimately, be genuine and thoughtful. Sincerity is attractive over any medium, even in 140-character doses.

About Evan

Evan Bailyn is an internet entrepreneur, bestselling author, and child advocate. He is primarily known as a search engine optimization expert, having used his ability to rank at the top of Google to build and sell five businesses, including one of the largest children’s websites online. His first book, Outsmarting Google, debuted to rave reviews in mid-2011. Its sequel, Outsmarting Social Media, comes out in early 2012.

Evan is the founder of The Evan Bailyn Foundation, which promotes emotional awareness in children. His Facebook page, which encourages people to be true to themselves, gained over 100,000 fans in a year, making it one of the most popular non-celebrity pages on Facebook.

Currently, he offers marketing services through his companies, First Page Sage and Good Media Co. Under his tutelage, clients have established the predominant websites in their industries, become New York Times bestselling authors, and grown multimillion dollar product lines. His voice can be found on the social media pages of celebrities worldwide.

Evan has been interviewed on ABC and Fox News and featured in The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, The New York PostThe International Business Times, and Crain’s. He is a frequent speaker, having keynoted numerous social media conferences, including Digital Hollywood and Social Media For Nonprofits.

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  1. kansascityseo says

    Interesting take on Twitter, although I would say 90% of the weight is with #5:  tweets should be meaningful and relevant, not just empty status updates.

  2. says

    Twitter has now been a bridge between customer and companies. It is essential to know how to
    market products using Twitter. great post.

  3. says

    Twitter has now been a bridge between customer and companies. It is essential to know how to
    market products using Twitter. great post.