The Positive and Negative Sides of Social Networking [Guest Post]

by Jessica Thompson of

Social networking has become an integral part of our lives and we cannot resist staying away from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. As the social networking sites grew enormously in popularity a huge number of small and big businesses, celebrities, nonprofit organizations and government departments have got engaged into activities on these portals.  The internet storm that originated as fun now plays vital role in influencing behaviors and decisions.

According to a recent survey, American people spend more than 22% of their time in using social networking websites. Although people find these websites essential for retaining ties but there are several negative effects that social networking can have on a society. Let’s look into the both sides!

The ease and simplicity of communication and the spontaneous way of understanding technology where it helps building better relationships with people, customers and business partners also let’s many unnecessary and non productive activities to run on the platform. Some people may call it fun, but excess of fun is also hazardous. It’s great to have people in your network who share interests and hobbies, but spending too much of time on useless conversations is never a good idea.

Many of the businesses are getting benefits from social networks to connect to their clients, costing nothing but time and energy, but at the same time, there’s a huge number of spammers exploiting the resources.

Every good thing if it’s used excessively turns out to have negative effects and so is the case with social networking. With several negativities that social networking can bring, there’s huge benefit for individuals as well as for businesses. Staying away from social networking sites may turn you socially backward, but sticking to the social networks only may outcast you from normal and a healthy life.

Staying moderate is a simple solution to all the problems and so the use of social networks needs moderation too. No social network is bad; it totally depends on how you use it, i.e. it’s up to you, whether you use it for wasting time or generating income. Knowing and using a social network for a specific purpose can help identifying your need and the best solution for it. Facebook is great to stay connected to friends and family, LinkedIn is best for hiring talent and professional networking, is the best way to target an audience and make sure that they listen to you and Twitter can be used to instant feedback. Find out what exactly you want to do at a social network and you won’t waste time ever!

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