Second Question: “How do you want it cooked?”

Eggs Before CookingThe server comes to our table and asks my breakfast companion what he would like.

“Two Eggs, please,” he said.

Guess the next question. If the question doesn’t get asked, what will the resulting breakfast be? Even though there’s over a dozen ways to cook eggs, we know what success will look like and taste like before we crack shells.

Shouldn’t it be similar with social media?

“I’ll have a Facebook with a side of Pinterest,” he thinks.

There’s probably over a dozen ways to use Facebook and Pinterest together. What will success look like?

If you’re still looking at the social media menu not quite knowing what success will look like for you, an in-depth discovery session with a follow-up reports may be just what you need. Find out more about our Craft-and-Follow strategy calls.

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