Rethinking Resource Sharing

Crowding ResourcesWhile recently explaining Why and How I use Twitter, an idea struck me that I haven’t been able to get rid of: How can I Be the Resource and still maintain some ownership while also having quick access to the links I share.

Then two recent posts from Seth Godin stayed at me.

Ranking for signal to noise ratio, specifically this bit:

The clickthrough rates on tweets is getting closer and closer to zero. Not because there aren’t links worth clicking on, but because there’s so much junk you don’t have the attention or time to sort it all out.

This past week, I share a few fantastic resources I had share weeks before. The clicks and favorites and likes were as numerous – and sometimes higher – than when I previously shared them. The streams and lists on Twitter have become very crowded.

What are you leaving behind and this question:

All day long you’re emailing or tweeting or liking or meeting… and every once in a while, something tangible is produced. But is there a mark of your passage?

Maybe the example of swissmiss is a model to follow. Still be a great resource, yet continue to own the space you share from.

And you can still tweet about the resource, but maybe from your own space.

Still thinkin’ ….

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