Preparing for Social Media: For Times When There is No Time

Voice RecorderYou will find there are times when there is no time for social media.

Let’s hope so.  Hopefully, you’re busy on your core business: project work, client meetings, billing & invoicing, display merchandising, inventory – all that other stuff that is part of doing business successfully.

I have one of those days today. Thankfully, with careful planning and preparation, I’ll get the things which need to be done – done. And I prepare for the social media stuff too.

  • Using my RSS reader and Twitter list, I’ve scheduled a few tweets. I didn’t find a lot (I don’t just tweet anything), but enough to feed the stream.
  • I copy-edited some client work and put the posts in scheduled mode so their posts go out in time.
  • I’ll be behind a steering wheel driving country roads for 5 hours today (2.5 each way), but I’ve brought one of my favorite tools with me – an Olympus voice recorder (non-affiliate product search).

I often listen to audio books when I drive,but when a thought or blog post starts to bubble up, I turn off the book and turn on the recorder.  I don’t know about you, but I can talk faster than I can type – so I can get a lot of words down this way. Plus, I use transcription software when I get back to a computer to put the speech-to-text.

When you find yourself in a position where the social media is a hardship, how do you make it easy (because it still needs to be done). How do you prepare for social media?

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