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Twitter on the ClockOne of the key (business) social media activities in my day is sharing some of the better resources I find on Twitter. I budget an hour a day (maybe 90 minutes) because really, that’s all I have time for.

While I’ve offered the ‘how and why I tweet’  in-depth elsewhere, here’s a thin slice:

  • Support & Service: The resources help the clients/customers/partners  I serve professionally
  • Social Proof: I’m able to spread some genius of the colleagues, creators, and other curators
  • Self Serving: I like to research, share (and be a resource)

Here’s my workflow heading into and around Twitter (times estimate depending on the rest of the day).

4:30am – A quick nod of thanks for previous ReTweets or other mentions. I group these together for two reasons: a cleaner stream and I can send thanks to everyone in usually a couple of these notes. While I’d love to thank everyone individually – neither time nor my reasons for tweeting lend to that practice for me. Time elapsed: 2-5 minutes

5:30am – Start scheduling tweets from various resources (my private Twitter lists, RSS feed, Alltop, email, Topsy searches). I use Buffer, Timely, and HootSuite depending on when I want the tweet to publish. If I can schedule 8-15 tweets at this sitting I’m happy. More on how I use these tools in an upcoming post. Time elapsed: 15-20 minutes

Mid-morning – Check feeds and my private Twitter list of “Aces” and schedule a few more tweets. The “Aces” are my favorites including those folks who often RT me. Because of my “be the resource” mantra – I don’t share just to share – but to be a resource to one of my customer segments: clients and colleagues. Time elapsed: 10 minutes

Mid-afternoon – Check feeds and my private Twitter list of “Business Resources” and schedule a few more tweets. Since by this time of day a lot has been published, this takes a bit longer (or I split it and continue later that night). I also check to see who has mentioned me so I can respond. Time elapsed: 20 minutes

Good night – Really, this is time for “chit-chat” stuff – and I’m sad to say I don’t do this enough, but alas – time. I check on newsy items (another private Twitter list) and star some RSS items for tomorrow’s sharing. Time elapsed: 10 minutes

So as you can see, it adds up to just over an hour or so. Small, bite-sized tastes of Twitter.

Do you have a plan, framework, or workflow for your Twitter?

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