Strategy or Tactic: Grocery Store Shopping

Is Buying Food a Strategy or Tactic?You’ve probably heard the unending amount of advice from so-called experts and gurus:

   “Never go to the grocery store when you’re hungry.”

    “Go to the freezer section last.”

    “No matter what, get in the line with the least number of people.”

Can you have a grocery store strategy? Or is it simply a tactic for eating?

Can it be both? Can buying food be a tactic for a larger eating blueprint and still have its own plan?

Like most things, your grocery shopping plan is unique to you. Sure, some elements for success are common among the most prolific of food buyers, but they might not have the same eating styles. Or the number of mouths to feed. Or maybe they have more time to cook.

Whether a strategy or tactic, going to the grocer without a plan may cost you time and money (and calories!)

It’s similar in that way to social media. While “social media” may be more tactic than strategy in the larger picture, it is wise to have a strategy for your social media activity. Have a plan.

Whether a strategy or tactic, engagement on social media without a plan may cost you time and money (and customers!)

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  1. says

    How simply and concisely, you have explained the big concept.  Business becomes more
    successful with your common sense of using tactics. Every plan needs strategies and these strategies required tactics for implementation. If your tactics are powerful then your strategies will automatically work well.