You Haven’t Missed the Boat in Social Media (yet)

When it comes to getting on board with social media, you haven’t missed the boat.

Not yet.

Missing the Boat in Social Media?

This massive machine labeled as social media (or social business, or new media, or conversational currency, etc) is just so hard to miss anymore. And while you may not miss the boat – you may miss out on building up your business.

Start somewhere (I suggest blogging) though there is no immutable law for where to start or how to do things. Even the question of how often to blog has many possible answers.

Truth is, we’re still in early days of what will probably prove to be a business renaissance period.

So while the ship has set sail and continues to be a moving target, don’t worry so much about where you land – but whether you take off at all.

Photo on Flickr by Rennett Stowe

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