How to Use Social Media to Generate Leads Exclusively for Large Enterprises [Guest]

by Dave Mathew of StepByStep

Step-By-Step GuidesAccording to a research 65% of Fortune 100 companies have presence on Twitter, 54% use Facebook for business and 50% use YouTube as one of the marketing mediums. This engagement of businesses with social sites definitely has spending associated with it. Forrester estimates $3.1billion spending on Social Media by 2014. Social Media for large enterprises being relatively new brings challenges for marketers; an interesting fact is that almost all managers spend about 2 hours/day online to find information and 50% of the information is not what they were looking for!

Well, the change has already started with success stories of Dell, HP and Cisco known to most of the people in the industry. It’s not about Social Media tools that bring you the success, but your objectives. Once, objectives are clear, the choice of tools get much easier! It’s, however, most important to listen to the conversations in relevant communities before defining objectives.

How to Use Social Media to Generate Leads for Large Enterprises:

  • Before Taking Social Media Campaigns Live; differentiate your product/service from competitors by giving your target audience just a single reason to contact you once they hear about you. Be sure that your website is fully functional and you’ve devised the procedure to measure ROI for your efforts.
  • Generate & Syndicate Content: It must be customer-centric, engaging and urging calls to action. Do not just focus on textual content; Consider Videos distribution over Youtube, MetaCafe, DailyMotion and other platforms, presentations on Slideshare,  infographics  etc.
  • Get Noticed by Social Media Giants: TechCrunch, Mashable and others are always ready to share news, innovations, success stories and failures of startups and large enterprises. There’re only two ways to be talked about by them, i.e. create news or get connected to one of their editors.
  • Be part of Social Media Events: Keep an eye on local social media events as well as Webinars. Attending such events opens doors for strategic partnerships.
  • Build Affiliates Network through Social Media: Don’t just focus on getting Twitter followers and Facebook fans, instead wrap the efforts with your affiliate marketing plan. Use paid and free both options to promote affiliate campaigns and must get email subscriptions!
  • And at the end, do keep a benchmark for measuring ROI effectively!

Social Media Tools for Large Enterprises for Generating Business Leads:

Remember that whether your target audience is buying online or not, they do research online for sure. Don’t just focus on building social profiles, but create awareness about your products/services and make sure that queries about your products and services are well answered on most visited places online. Including content marketing in your plan can best serve the purpose. Make better use of Wikipedia, Hubpages, Step by Step and EzineArticles for answering queries of your target audience!

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    This is the time of social medias and any business who wants more success and wants to connect with their customers personally is using these medias frequently. Your tip is superb, that business should become a part of social medias events and try to be prominent in these events.