Grappling with Google Plus

Grappling with Google Plus?The grappling I’m doing is internal and has less to do with Google Plus and more to do with my own work habits and schedule.

Google Plus gives us an outstanding set of tools – and they continue to add new tools and improve what’s already there..  I’ve been using Hangouts as a forum for meetings (individual and group sessions) – and that’s been fantastic.

The quandary for me is how and what (and when) I should post. Others I work with share similar battle stories. I pulled back for a bit to watch, and learn, and consider.

I’m not real keen to just share a resource with a two-word reason (“Catch this” or “So True”). That’s for Twitter, right?  I also don’t want to always be promoting my own stuff all the time (70-20-10).

Maybe this formula will work when sharing items on Google Plus:

My Version of the Title (in Bold)

A take-away or money quote from what I’m sharing (in Italics)

A few sentences about the piece, the author, or subject. Less than 100 words;
More than two words.

“Why This is Important (or Valuable) to _____________” (in Italics)
A sentence or two.

#hashtag or +attribution or +hat tip

And a link to the resource (article, image, video, etc).

While in some ways I’m glad Google Plus doesn’t allow for scheduling of posts, in other ways I wish they would so I could compose and schedule for later. With that in mind, I can still schedule time to compose most of the post and then format and add links when I can publish it live.

I think part of the reason many are using Google Plus like they use Twitter or Facebook – is that’s what they’re used to doing. And then the question becomes “Why?” do the same thing in different places.  Google Plus is different (and better in many ways) than Twitter and Facebook. I also think Twitter and Facebook are very different and should be used differently.

We’ll see how this goes, my new Google Plus posting process. I believe it will add value to those who read and I know it will be valuable to me in articulating thoughts about certain things.

Hey, grappling is good. Grappling knocks at the door of breakthrough.

How do you Google Plus?


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