Creating More or Better Customerships

“The most pertinent reason to engage in social media marketing for your business is to get more business.” ~ Jay Ehret from Why Social Media Marketing

Customer TransactionsBusiness owners can be a funny group of people. Especially when they forget that they own a business.

As we begin to introduce the idea of using social media as part of their business, some of them straight out ask how it will benefit their bank account. They’re looking for the ROI, right? Fair enough.

And then it bites them. The “social” bug. They never get around to asking for the order. Or the lead. Or the appointment. Or the referral, share, testimonial, contact info . . .  Nothing.

Stories are great. Keep on telling and sharing them. Still, at some point, invite the prospect (the reader) into the business as a customer.

  • Sharing a story about an event? At the end of the post, point to the next event.
  • Explaining how your company crafts customized widgets? Point to a form or a phone number to set up a customized widget meeting.
  • Doing a series of posts? Turn them into an ebook or publish the series on a landing page.
  • Offering a coaching tip? Somewhere in the post, show how the reader can start getting your coaching for themselves.
  • Celebrating one of your customers and their story? Show others how their story can be told (or newly created).

If you’re not doing these types of things now, a good practice might be to list an inventory of the ways or things you can market on your blog or with a custom tab or button. If appropriate, write a post about it or create a landing page. Now you have something to point to, right?

If you’re having a tough time putting together such a list, A Discovery Meeting might be the next step.

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