A Retainer Model: Beck and Call

Beck and Call - Retainer Agreement

There are three ways to have me start working with you on your project. Retainer, Discovery, and Live Sessions

A Retainer Model: Beck and Call

The beauty of a retainer agreement for you comes down to this word – Priority.

Anyone on a retainer agreement gets immediate attention as best as humanly possible. If your request comes in while I’m driving somewhere, I find a parking lot or a coffee shop and attend to your request.

How do retainer-based agreements work?

We agree on the type of work, coaching, reporting, and output to be done and an anticipated amount of hours of work in a month. For flexibility sake, I often add a few hours so neither our conversations or work gets rushed.

Outsourcing social media on a retainer agreement may include:

  • Weekly Reporting on traffic data, trends, and possible adjustments to make
  • Simple site enhancements, including some design or code work
  • Suggestions of people to connect with, content to consider sharing, or brands to promote
  • Guest posting or Ghost posting (Blog, Twitter, Facebook) when feasible and appropriate
  • Suggestions on additional revenue streams, join venture possibilities, or advertising opportunities

If an occasion calls for it, I might also create artwork, set-up RSS feed aggregators, work up a slideshow, initiate Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ pages and in rare cases, edit videos or help design the flow/structure of books.

If I’m at your “Beck and Call” – I do whatever it takes, as soon as I can.

Every case, every path, every situation is different. So is the pricing.

Call me (515.802.2273) or email me (mike@converstations.com) and we’ll discover what’s best for you.

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