Writer’s Hour: Stop Banging Your Head on Your Keyboard

Michael Drew: The Creation MethodMichael Drew is a revolutionary in the publishing industry. In just 14 years, he’s put 72 books on National Bestseller lists, including books with Lisa Nichols, Marshall Goldsmith, and John Assaraf.

Michael’s secret? He’s invented a specific step-by-step process not just for quickly overcoming writer’s block – but for creating content so powerful, it makes an immediate impact when released.

He calls this process The Creation Method. It’s been silently circulating for years among top shelf writers, expert coaches, change agents and trailblazing companies.

And now, it’s a 60-minute workshop available to us on March 13th at 6PM PST

The Writer’s Hour is a once in a life event where you will get the opportunity to listen the best practices and secret tricks from expert Michael Drew. Michael became the #1 Best Seller Book Publisher and is the man responsible for getting 72  authors in The National Best Seller lists, The New York Times, USA Today, just to name a few.

This workshop will be a great resource for:

– Writers (fiction or non-fiction)
– Bloggers
– Speakers or Presenters
– Teachers
– Copywriters
– Advertising or PR Pros
– Anyone that creates content (and isn’t that all of us now?)

Thanks to Mindvalley, I’ve received permission to offer two folks to this workshop free, here’s how:

  • Choose your writing platform: A comment below, a tweet, a Google+ post,  a Facebook message, a blog post of your own, an Instagram, whatever … (mention my name or link back to this post so I can find it).
  • Tell me about your content creation headaches: Is it time, words, too many thoughts, you don’t have a process (yet)…

To find out more about The Writer’s Hour, click the ticket:

The Writer's Hour Ticket



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    Hi Mike! I’d love to toss my hat into the ring for the workshop tonight. I do a variety of writing: PR, marketing (web content & copywriting), and blogs. My biggest challenges are finding focused time for channeling my ideas & retaining an idea for even 5 minutes if I haven’t capture it in notes on my pc, phone or on paper. Thanks for the prospective opportunity to be a part of the event tonight!

  2. says

    Very interesting indeed – The Creation Method process… This sounds very similar to the creation method outlined in Betty Edward book called ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.’ The principal being that one had to shut out the noisy other side of the brain to allow the creative side to work. I
    did some work with my art students using methods suggested in Betty’s book with surprising results.