Is Education Broken? Maybe it’s Time We Take a LEAP

I’ve seen Steve Farber‘s works invigorate people and communities to positive action. I really like how his work is now being embraced by educators.

Steve is on a  mission to change the world. Watch:

This mission is not about Steve, not about me, and my not even be about you – but I share this with you because it’s about who’s next and what’s next for them: The Students. And the Teachers who lead them.

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    “Bring their hearts back into their work” – beautiful statement. There are so many educators that are missing this just because they are bogged down in their “demands” by the administration. Less paperwork, less importance on testing, and more importance on educating! 

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      Agreed. Having two classroom teachers in my family (and they’re my two best friends:-)), I often hear about the constraints and demands of the “checklist”. Hardly any time to do any teaching.  

      One of the great things about Steve’s mission is addressing the leaders (teachers and administrators — and hopefully the policymakers too.

      Great addition (and you rescued me from a dog house too:-))

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    I think education has long been flawed, the system, how it is structured. But to make it work or even to overhaul it into a different landscape, that is nearly impossible, and it would likely take years for it to even be workable. But I think if there are more people like Steve, maybe there is hope.

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      Hopefully, Steve’s mission and vision will become the contagion necessary to help towards the improvements many of us seek. He’s got a great team of educators working with him on this, and of course with this kind of passion and purpose – anything is possible.

      Thanks for adding (and spreading) the conversation:-))