Resolve Towards Results in 2012

New Year Results

Maybe you're one of those folks not "into making resolutions" as a New Year's rite. Maybe you're also one of those folks that don't like Barry Manilow, but you know all the words to his songs. Maybe at the last minute you'll make a resolution, and in the first minute next year - break it. Remember this: Rules are for Schools, Rites are for Organized … [Read more...]

Top Posts on ConverStations in 2011

Waving Goodbye to 2011

It's often fun looking back in reflection. Personally, 2011 was my best ever (good timing after 2010). Professionally, Dialing 8 launched softly and we're ready for a fantastic 2012. Here are the "best" posts of 2011: A "Peak" Into a Life in Love Why and How I Use Twitter Social Media ROI: What Are You Counting On?  10 Legit Ways to Gain a Fast Friend Following on … [Read more...]

More or Less in 2012: Peering Ahead

crystal ball

When I'm driving down a stretch of road with a green light 200 yards away and cars sitting at their read waiting to go across the intersection, I anticipate my light turning yellow any minute.  It's not a prediction. But I don't know what to call it - a likelihood based on various factors? Based on what I've seen, I anticipate more or less of these things in 2012 Rising in … [Read more...]

Why Should I Share Their Content? They Don’t Follow Me


There are sectors of Social Media and Social Networking that may have reason to place importance on such matters as: Do they Follow Me? Did they Unfriend Me? Am I in their Circles? But people in my Tribe don't like her ... Stop it. We're in business now, so let's graduate from that thought process, hmm? There are plenty of people who write some brilliant … [Read more...]

Access and Action: Premium Content and Business Blogging


Earlier this week, I read this post on Premium Content and thought about cost and value. Stephen P. Smith is heading towards a more systematic approach to publishing his work. I have an eye and ear towards Stephen's work on Twitter and via RSS, but some of his content on Google+ has caught my attention. It's those longer, deeper thoughts that he speaks about in his post … [Read more...]

Would Walt Disney Support Internet Prohibition? No on SOPA

We see it in the blogosphere too often.  Great headline, yawn of a blog post. Yet, because of its killer title, it gets shared across the Twitterverse without being read. SOPA [Stop Online Piracy Act] may be a great headline. But the bill itself is a disappointment and dangerous to the Internet we know now and the creative, communicative power of tomorrow. Looking over … [Read more...]

Are You Asking the “Why Should I” and Missing the “Why Are They”?

mobile device

Wow, things change fast, hmm? New things, changed things, different ways to use things. And have you seen the way those people are using those things? And so we are faced with a question (or two). Many of us start with this one: Why (on earth) would I want to do that?! Unfortunately, as you may have determined by the tone (the exclamation after the question mark) this … [Read more...]

Is it Okay for Social Media to be Automated or Scheduled?

Schedule Social Media Tasks

I'm not a fan of "this or that" as a blanket statement. Too many variables and I believe there's only one immutable law in social media. I do see some valid arguments made for and against automated items in social media, and again - it depends on what kind of task is being automated. Some confusion has crept in some of the conversation, though. I'd like us to make a … [Read more...]

Become Comfortable with Crap


This is for the crap writers . . . The ones who believe they can't But do it anyway Who recognize the only way to get better Is to get going and get doing Those who forge ahead knowing that by sharing what we know we know better and create capacity for more more to share, and more people to share with For the ones who care without concern whether they have a face … [Read more...]

My Life is About to Change in a Flinch

You ever get that feeling? As you travel through a . . . transparent thing . . . Last night, just before bed, I watched a video conversation with Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. They talked candidly (and colorfully) about Julien's new book, The Flinch: These guys literally wrote the book on Trust Agents, so when Brogan starts warning Smith that this book is one that might … [Read more...]